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The trendier baby names here are Thea (#273), Shiloh (#562), Elodie (#1049), Isadora (#1250) and Clover (#1248) Here is the list of Gift names for boys. Adora - Dorcas | Doretta - Matana | Mattea - Tossa.

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A beautiful blessing: Milagros: A Spanish name for a miracle: Godiva: A blessing of the lord: Aanshi: A beloved blessing: Charlotte: Perfect name for a free dog! Bea: Beautiful name, and it means ‘miracle.’ Hibah: A blessing or a grant: Winifred: For the peacekeeping pup you have. Mireya: The Spanish for ‘miracle.’ Behati: African name meaningblessing.’ Gurdita.

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316 Baby Girl Names That Mean Gift. In Hebrew it means ornament of God. In Swahili it means Gift from God. Old Greek - Winged Gift; Aldorah, Aldorra, and Aldorrah are variant forms of Aldora. A unique name gifted with compassion, resourcefulness, passion, eccentric and altruistic qualities.

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It translates to “miracle” or “blessing.” Mireya Mireya is a Spanish baby name that means “miracle.” This cultural option will help showcase the blessing that your new daughter is. Naomi Naomi translates to “pleasantness” or “blessed.” In the Old Testament, Naomi was the mother-in-law to Ruth.

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ISADORA. Isadora is a girls' name of Greek origin. Isadora means "blessed" and "the gift of Isis." Isis is the Egyptian/Greek goddess of good fortune, so certainly this child will be blessed. Isadora is also a variant of the name.

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Build your baby name list with names meaning "gift, blessing". advertisement 1. LOG IN / SIGN UP. COMMUNITY; GETTING PREGNANT; PREGNANCY; BABY; TODDLER; CHILD; HEALTH; ... Refine your search Baby Names Finder. Gender Boy Girl Both. Popularity. All Show only top names Exclude top names Meaning, origin, theme... Name meaning. ... Meaning: Gift.

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Despite the well-known German luxury car company, Mercedes is a Spanish name that translates to "gracious gifts and benefits." What a lovely name for a baby girl! In fact, that very car company was named for the founder's own daughter! Mikelle This name sounds exactly like its meaning: miracle. It's a little cooler and funkier than Michelle.

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Islamic baby names meaning miracle. The name can be unisex. Try these boy names meaning blessing or miracle for your son. This is the Norwegian meaning of miracle and would be a God pick for your little baby boy. Miracle verses in the Quran 2. Alasne is a very unique feminine Basque name meaning miracle that can be shortened into many nicknames.

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Esai is a boys' name of Spanish, Hebrew, and Latin origins. Esai means "blessing" and "gift." The name has been made famous by Puerto Rican actor Esai Morales. 9/15 iStock FAYOLA Fayola is a girls' name of African origin. The meaning of Fayola is "blessed," "lucky," and "good fortune.".

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Female Dog Names Meaning Blessing. Contents show. Aana – A name of Indian origin that means blessed. Doroata – A Greek name that translates to blessing. Analee – A Spanish name meaning grace or favor. Aanam – An Indian name that translates to a gift from Lord Ganesha. Atiya -A name of Indian origin that means a gift.

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These girl names that mean miracle will give you some inspiration for finding the perfect name. 1) Alasne (Spanish Origin), meaning "miracle". This Spanish name quite simply means miracle. 2) Celeste (Latin Origin), meaning "heavenly". 3) Celestine (Latin Origin), meaning "heavenly". 4) Dalili (Swahili Origin), meaning "a sign from the God's". This meaning is closely related to “blessing from God.”. Amaris – Amaris began as a male name in the Hebrew culture. It is now more common among girls. In either case, it translates to “given by God.”. Asher – Asher was one of the fathers of the twelve Israeli tribes. This Jewish baby name translates to “blessed” or “happy.”.

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Prophet’s name; God is my judge. Alexander. Defender of people. Elijah. The Lord is my God. Asher. One of Jacob’s sons; Blessed; Happy. Your little miracle is indeed a “gift of God” and we hope you could choose the perfect name for your.

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